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Fainal & SaraTunes are the Colombian Djs, producers, singers and songwriters better known as F4ST.

With an experience of more than 10 years in the music industry; both of them used to have their independent musical careers, but they decided to join forces and talent, in order to become the first and the only latin male/female electronic duo.
They have  been listed as one of the most important Dj/Producers in Latin America and their latest singles, Confieso, Love is Not Enough, Drop, #IDGAF and Beretta, have reached #1 spots on national (Colombia) and International charts.
This week CONFIESO reached #1 spot on the World Dance Music chart by Los 40 Principales worldwide.

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Ameyatchi  - F4ST (Afro Beat Version) Phonk

Ameyatchi - F4ST (Afro Beat Version) Phonk

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